Buddha is Everywhere

Some Impressions from Mannheim, Germany

The following pictures were taken during two short walks through my hometown Mannheim where I spent the Christmas holiday. Wherever I went, yet another Buddha manifested. It almost seemed as if they were following me. After some time, I started to take pictures of them...

This lovely head of a Buddha is situated next to a small café in the center of the town. Quite a strange idea to have a Buddha carry a flower pot on his head...

The following Buddha was spotted at Fressgasse, inside the squares. Mannheim is a quite unusual German town in that the layout of its center follows a grid pattern. It is therefore also known as "Quadratestadt" or "the city of squares". (Note: the name is not suggestive of the population being particularly square-headed)...

These two pictures were taken through the window of a carpet shop.

This small congregation of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas was discovered at the main Christmas market. I would have loved to include it into my recent post on Buddhist Christmas.

In the evening I had an other short walk and there were of course another couple of Buddhas that came my way. This one was found in the window of a bar.

The nearby hair dresser also showcased a Buddha in the window. On the next day, I actually came across a couple of further hair dressers with Buddhas in the window. Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera with me...

Last but not least my favorite piece. I call him "Kermit the Buddha".

One thing I wondered about: did countless Buddha statues invade Mannheim during my absence or am I starting to see the Buddha everywhere now? :o)

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  1. Rolf, your posts are great! You make me laugh! May the precious Jam be with you ;-)

    1. Thanks a lot! ... and may countless beings give rice to bodhicitta! :o))


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