The old Indian philosopher Nagarjuna has taught that emptiness is the source of all possibilities. This statement is quite true in many ways. With respect to this blog, it implies that I should be able to fill it up with my random notes. Where the journey will lead me, or rather if it will lead me and the blog very far, I do not know, but I will try to give the two of us a chance. In case you are interested to see what will happen to us, feel free to visit us from time to time...

Why such a blog? Well, why not? It might be a good way of self-reflecting things that happen to me, and who knows, maybe these things might be equally interesting or relevant for others.

Why "Buddhism"? Well, Buddhism has played a very dominant role in both my private and professional life since more than 20 years now. Whatever I encounter will naturally be viewed and assessed through this lens to some degree.

Why "and More"? Good question. I assume I didn't want to give the impression that I was just going to discuss everything exclusively through borrowed Buddhist ideas. It will certainly include observations based on common knowledge and judgment, and things that happen to me in daily life which I consider meaningful.

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