The Sūtra of the Three Bodies

Truly Wonderful! 
Our translation of the Trikāyasūtra called "The Sūtra of the Three Bodies" features in 84000's eNews of December 2013. Having had the honor of being the responsible translator for this wonderful short text by our team, it is a great joy to know that so many people will have access to itAnyone can read (and soon also download) it for free.

About 84000
84000 is a symbolical number in Buddhism representing the entirety of the Buddha's teachings. "84000 - Translating the Words of the Buddha" is a very ambitious nonprofit initiative to translate the entire Buddhist canon into Western languages. It was started by the Khyentse Foundation but has recently matured into an independent organization. 84000 is a truly incredible undertaking, a global collaborative of Buddhist scholars, translators, academics and Buddhist practitioners.

A quotation about 84000 by Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche
"If one person tries to stubbornly shift a huge boulder on their own, all that is achieved is a terrible drain on their energy and time, and the boulder still won’t move. But the cooperative effort of a dozen people can move the boulder easily.
If we collaborate to move our own huge boulder…we’d be able to work out how to be more efficient and use our resources more wisely." 
This and further quotations can be found here

The translation of the entirety of the Buddha's teachings is an undertaking of such an enormous dimension that it can only be successful if everyone works together. Please, show your support in whatever way!

Read more about 84000 on their website or facebook.

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