Summer School - Translating the Buddhist Canon

Summer School on Buddhist Canon Translation at the University of Vienna

In a recent post I had discussed several good reasons for engaging in Tibetan and Buddhist Studies in Vienna. Those of you interested in translation issues, particularly translating Buddhist scriptures from Sanskrit and Tibetan, will certainly be interested in the following information: the Institute for South Asian, Tibetan and Buddhist Studies at the University of Vienna just announced to hold a two-week long "Summer School in Buddhist Text Translation". 

It is a wonderful opportunity for everyone interested in Buddhist canonical translation. The course is lead by Dr. Anne MacDonald, a senior Buddhologist with a focus on the development of Madhyamaka thought in India and Tibet. 

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Summer School in Buddhist Text Translation

University of Vienna, Sept. 15–26, 2014 

The two disseminations of Buddhism to Tibet witnessed a massive and unprecedented transfer of Indian ideas and practices into a new linguistic and cultural domain, which was in large part made possible through the efforts of skilled translators. In the past few decades Buddhism has begun to move again, this time remarkably to the foreign western world, where it is presenting many challenges to those attempting to render its texts into their native languages. In the course we will explore and attempt to find solutions to some of these challenges by increasing our awareness of the theoretical issues involved and by actively practising and honing our translation skills. The focus will be on Mahāyāna, especially Madhyamaka compositions, but will also take into consideration the early and Conservative Buddhist texts cited within them.

Course Instructor: Dr. Anne MacDonald (Austrian Academy of Sciences)
Language of instruction: English
Prerequisites: 4 semesters Sanskrit and/or Tibetan
Course Fee: € 180
Accommodation: on request
Application Deadline: June 30, 2014

You can download the
pdf with further details here.

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